Woodfired Delivers...

It seems like the right time. We've been thinking about delivering our fantastic pizza for a while but have been concerned about the logistics, how does the customer get there order to us, how do we let you know when your food is on its way? How do we find reliable and responsible drivers? How do we promote what we are doing so you can enjoy Woodfired artisan pizzas at home as well as in midtown Merthyr? We were just about to press go on 12,000 flyers and the 50 drones needed to deliver them...(no, not yet) when Uber Eats call us and says they are coming to Merthyr.

(Can you order a pizza, walk across the road from Hardie's and then ask the driver to take you and the pizza home? I just don't know...)

I've never liked liked the Just Eat brand (just eat, it doesn't matter what it is...) so I hope that Uber will be a good fit for us and employ lots of great local drivers and cyclists.

It all starts on Thursday 26th September hopefully. Seven days a week. You'll need to download the app I guess. Very excited. Uber excited you could say.

Maybe I can get a free cab home...

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