Stand or Deliver?

People love our pizzas. Cooked in our fantastic woodfired oven. Dough hand made on the premises using the finest flour and homegrown yeast (that's a strange and precise process) super fresh ingredients (beef from our very local butcher, pineapple cut from a... pineapple) often delivered to your table in under ten minutes when the oven is hot and happy (like our chefs).

But what about delivery? We have customers every day coming in to collect, especially on £5 pizza night (which is moving from Mondays to Tuesdays soon, watch this space) Would you like to be able to order our fab pizzas and burgers and have them delivered to your home? Merthyr doesn't have Deliveroo yet, and I can't stand the name Just Eat as it suggests to me that the food is indistinguishable and that it should come with a shovel) but maybe they are the answer. Or we get our own tuk tuk, that would be fun!

Please tell us if you'd like us to deliver, and if you have any great ideas how we would get our fab food hot to your door!

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