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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

It was my birthday this weekend just gone. (Thank you, that's kind). To celebrate I watched the excellent Nick Pendry play live on Friday @ Woodfired then on Saturday I took my sons to a ridiculously good Downs Festival in Bristol. The highlights were Loyle Carner - thoughtful, talented & cool. "Confessional hip-hop" they say, and Idles.

Wow. Idles were aggressive, offensive (depending on your politics) deafening, hilarious, mesmerising, lyrical, shocking & utterly fantastic! About as perfect a fit I hope for a Merthyr Rising of the near future (with an after party at Woodfired) that I could think off.

Apart from being fantastic they bear little resemblance to anyone I would book for a Friday evening at Woodfired. We are booking some wonderful chilled acoustic, jazzy, rootsy and bluesy acts for the next few months. Every Friday is live. Book your table now and tell us if you'd like to be nearer the music. The common denominator, between Loyle Carner, Idles and the talent that we are booking for Woodfired? It's the unifying force of music. It brings people together. See you Friday for the jazz of the Jack Mac Quartet. All welcome, just don't expect a mosh pit.

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